ELS Gaming is a national leader in the development of real estate, hospitality and gaming projects.

Our executive team brings a proven record in identifying and developing projects across the globe. Together, each partner’s unique background provides the strong foundation needed to see each initiative through to success.

From managing international brands to publicly-traded companies, projects in the U.S., Europe and South America, the ELS leadership team has launched products, expanded brands and grown operations. Utilizing their decades of experience, they assess what’s needed for success and the obstacles ahead, before implementing a strategic plan to bring it to reality. That includes identifying key partners needed, as well as regulatory or legislative changes that will best support the project.

The ELS leadership team is trusted by investors, developers and regulators because of the thousands of jobs they have created, as well as more than $1 billion in economic development they have created.

In 2018, ELS executives formed a partnership with Exacta Systems to expand historic horse racing-based games in several states. They have achieved success in Virginia, where they not only successfully redeveloped the long-shuttered Colonial Downs with live racing, but also built an extensive OTB network across the state.

This year, in Oregon, they partnered to launch Luckii.com - the nation’s first online game based entirely on the outcomes of historic horse races and now poised to launch in multiple other states. They also continue to work with partners on economic development projects in even more states that will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs and millions in new tax revenues.

Our goal is to find ways to provide added revenues for the racing industry and increase fan participation so that horse racing is back on the strong foundation it once was.

Lawrence Lucas – Executive Chairman